Gamesters delivery quotes are an approximate estimate time given by the individual Manufacturer. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a particular manufacturers delivery date and cannot be responsible for any delay in the arrival of your order. Any damage of your merchandise that occurred during shipment or delivery is not the responsibility of Gamesters. Gamesters will not be held responsible for any missing pieces that were not included in the shipment. Under no circumstances may an item be returned due to delay in shipping, damage in shipping, or missing pieces in shipping. If you do not inspect your shipment for damages at the time of your scheduled delivery and note it on the Bill of Lading, we cannot be held responsible for the damages later. Any damaged item must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise by either calling us at (860) 747-1114. Returns or exchanges, unless it is a "custom order" which are non-refundable and non-returnable, will not be made or accepted after this time period. If an exchange is due to damage or missing parts is applicable, a replacement will be ordered and replaced within the manufacturer's specific shipping time frame. However, if the damage can be repaired we will send a furniture technician to take care of the damage at your location.


Merchandise is to be inspected at the time of delivery. Any damage has to be listed on the BILL OF LADING. If not listed, the damage will be refuted by the freight company and Gamesters will have no recourse. Freight companies and or its drivers are not employees of Gamesters. The trucking company will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. All deliveries will occur on weekdays, Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm within their given "window" frame, which are their normal business hours. Any missed scheduled deliveries due to the customer not being home are subject to a $75.00 charge. It is important to keep your scheduled delivery time. If you miss a scheduled time, the freight company will need to reschedule the delivery from the local terminal and you will be charged for redelivery. If the freight company is not able to contact you, a storage fee may also be applied. We offer a lift gate and inside delivery, which is considered inside your garage by the freight company.


Balance is due on the SHIPMENT DATE (date the order is leaving the factory). No C.O.D.'s. Gamesters will call you to notify you of the actual shipment date. Payment is due at this time, not on the delivery date. We honor M/C and VISA. If paying by check, the check has to clear prior to Gamesters releasing an order and the customer scheduling a delivery.


Custom orders by any of our Manufacturers are non-refundable and non-returnable, unless your order is canceled within the first 48 hours of placing your order. Cancellation requests must be made by calling us at (860) 747-1114. Under no circumstances may any custom order be returned due to the delay in shipping, damage or missing items.